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Photo Restoration

Restore old family photos.

Let us take a faded memory and bring it back to life or give a recent photo a little extra polish. 

Timeless photos need preserving.

Full Circle Package

Retouching & Restoration

We offer professional photo retouching and restoration to customers in and around Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Photo restoration services can save your damaged photos by repairing tears, marks, missing areas and fixing faded colors. If you have an image that needs some love, there’s a local expert who would love to help! The photo will be scanned or photographed to capture as much information as possible. You’ll get to leave with your original image, and a restored digital and/or printed copy will be delivered shortly.

Restoration & Colorization - DIY

If you don't live in our area and are in need of restoration, we have partnered with a profession online service to assist you with your restoration projects.